Board of Directors

Meet the Board

Roger Stolle - Building 1

Dena Mast - Building 2

Jerry Brewer - Building 3

Jeff Seele - Building 4
Vice President
Capital Improvement Committee - Chair

Don Couche - Building 5

Alan Messick - Building 6

Glen Goldstein - Building 7

Mike Mabrey - Building 8

Robert Otte - Building 9

Bob Cassout - Building 10
Administration Committee Chair

John Stern - At Large
Project Committee - Chair


Administration Committee

Bob Cassout - Chair

The day to day business activities of the association are the responsibility of the Administration committee. This committee works directly with our professional back office and accounting team, Wilson Toellner CPA; as well as our attorney, auditor, bankers, insurance providers, the City of Osage Beach and other professionals. Members of this committee approve all payments to vendors and staff payroll; prepare for Board meetings; and review the rules, regulations and By-Laws of the Association. It ensures that all vendors that work for the complex are insured and certified in their fields.

Project Committee

John Stern - Chair

The Project Committee works directly with Wesley Thompson, our Outside Maintenance Manager in preparing the list of board priorities. This committee researches qualified vendors, develops the specifications needed for each project and acquires proposals for the Board. In addition, the project committee interacts directly and hands on with many of our vendors assuring the project meets the expectations of the Association.

Capital Improvement Committee

Jeff Seele - Chair

Planning for the future of the infrastructure needs of the Association is the responsibility of the Capital Improvements Committee. This committee will begin the process of analyzing what major improvements need to be made and setting the priorities to make that happen. For example, everyone knows that the roads and parking lots in the complex need attention. The Capital Improvement Committee will create a plan to see that through.